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Chinese Painting Art Course (English)

This course welcomes students who are interested in exploring the essence of Chinese Painting. This course emphasizes on the understanding of the essential tools and materials supplies of Chinese Painting and the fundamental techniques and skills in Chinese Painting. 

Each lesson will be 2 hours long. 

Students will begin by exploring the essential tools and material supplies in Chinese Painting. Students will also learn the basic skills of drawing flowers, insects, and fish using tools and materials of Chinese Painting. Students will also learn the proper way to use Chinese brushes and colour to paint on rice paper. 

Chinese Calligraphy will also be taught in this course to build students’ understanding in calligraphy skills and word processing.

Suitable For 》 Beginners and Advanced Level

Course Highlights

Suitable For Beginner to Advanced Level

Students can learn on their own pace, our instructor will guide you according to your painting experience.

2 Hours Per Lesson

Each session of our Chinese Painting Art Course will be 2 hours long, students will have enough time to learn all the techniques taught in class.

Drawing Materials Are Included

The course fee is inclusive of all the drawing materials - rice paper, Chinese paint brushes and colours.

Flexible Schedule

Painting classes available from 10:00am to 9:30pm. You may choose the class hours that are most suitable for your schedule.

Different Themes Every Session

You will discover different techniques and skills of Chinese Painting with different themes every session.

Taught in Cantonese and English

Our Chinese Painting Art Course is taught in two languages, Cantonese and English, students may choose to join classes taught in either language.

Art Work Gallery

See more of our Instructor’s and students’ art work 》

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